Development a prominent UAS
The UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an uncrewed aircraft remotely controlled on the ground and performs the mission by pre-programmed flight plan or autonomously. Generally, the UAV has been utilized for tactical surveillance/reconnaissance, special purposes such astarget search and tracking,
command & control relay, and electronic warfare and combat in the military area. The UAV is  also expanding its application in the commercial area like as remote observation, homeland security, communication relay, weather data acquisition, and cartography.
Korean Air has been developing close-range UAVs. In 2007, KUS-7 development program had been successfully completed. And now, based on the experience, we are developing the next generation tactical UAV, KUS-9, and the MALE(Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV). The expertise in develop-ment of UAVs will allow Korean Air to expand its field of development and technology for the unmanned helicopter and the UCAV(Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle).
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