Stand tall as a global aircraft manufacturer through systems integration
Korean Air opened the age of domestic aircraft production in 1976 by starting the production of 500MD helicopter. In the 1980’s, we established a new milestone in the aerospace industry by manufacturing F-5E/F supersonic fighter jet. And also, we had developed the first passenger airplane of Korea, ‘ChangGong-91’, a five-passenger plane and which qualified for Korea MLTM (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) type certification in 1993.
In the 1990’s, Korean Air successfully produced UH-60 helicopter which succeeded in production of parts, assembly, and improvement of performance for payloads, and even accomplished a variety of performance tests within the company. Moreover, we designed and manufactured the fuselage and
canopy for KT-1 Trainer Airplane. Taking that opportunity, we have grown as an aircraft system integrator. And also, Korean Air had participated in F-16 fighter jet project as main partner for manufacturing of Wing and AFT fuselage which are required to utilize the highest technologies.
Since Korean Air started production of airplane structures in mid 80’s, we have exported those main parts to many customers around the world.  The knowledge and skills from past experiences enable Korean Air to design and manufacture structural parts for various models of the commercial airplanes.
  • 500MD
  • F5E/F
  • UH60
  • Chang-Gong 91
  • UAV
500MD,F5E/F,UH60,Chang-Gong 91,UAV
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