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There are people here working on the ground to open the way in the sky and through space.

Dear all

“First of all, I want to express sincere gratitude for your visiting.”

With relentless challenging spirit, Korean Air Aerospace Division has been
running to become a world class Aerospace center through great change
and innovation, creativity and challenge.

In 1976, when the area that used to be a wild plain was turned into a place
for Korean Air Aerospace Division, our nation’s Aerospace Industry still
remained undeveloped, like the wild plain. But Korean Air Aerospace Division
has proceeded step by step for an expectedbright future. And now we have
grown into the world class company leading an Aerospace Industry by continuous
research and technical development whenever we faced a moment of crisis.

Korean Air Aerospace Division set milestone by producing 500MD, the
first Helicopter made in Korea, and F-5 fighter plane(JeGong-Ho).

Furthermore, we have made our stepping stone more strengthened
though development of UH-60, middle sized mobile helicopter,
and numerous fight planes.

Besides, Korean Air Aerospace Division has long-experienced
cutting-edged technical skill at maintenance of our operating aircrafts
and other domestic/international commercial ormilitary aircrafts that
also contributes to our nation’s military strength.
And we play a main role in commercialaircraft MRO & Modification

At present, Korean Air Aerospace Division gets abreast of global leading
companies, such as Boeing, Airbus, to develop next-generation Aircraft.

And it would be fully proved by the fact that we are equipped with
crucial technology which enables us to hold supremacy over domestic
aircraft manufacturing filed by providing all process from design, manufacturing
and test to qualification.

Also, we have been awarded consecutively several national projects, such as
development of unmanned Aerial Vehicle which has been increasingly
emerging as a future Aero-industry.

By doing so, it has made us to obtain technical skill in domestic unmanned
vehicle industry and led us to dominate our domestic market.
On top of that, we havebeen realizing a potential ambition, a space exploration,
by undertaking numerous programs, satellite & space launch vehicle

Korean Air Aerospace Division will keep its innovation and endeavor until
the moment when the aircraft developed by us fly into the sky all across
the world, and when we become the world’s best in Aerospace industry.

I really appreciate you for sparing your precious time today.


                                                                           Korean Air 

                                Senior Vice President , Aerospace Division

                                                                          Park, Jungwoo

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